Trekking Yunnan, enjoy lovely minority people life, see villages with tea, pineapple, rubber plantations ......
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Welcome to Forest Cafe,Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, South China!!!
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Dear customers,
herewith we’d like to announce that from now on FOREST CAFÉ was closed, We nowadays only operate as a booking website . This enables us to fully concentrate of our trekking tour core business.  
Please contact us by mobile/wechat , We can meet you at your hotel or restaurant, because it is easier to find you then you find us.

Stone's cell phone/wechat 15887798379.Sara's cell phone/wechat 13988195351.
WhatsApp 004915167844524

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Latest Trek Photos of
October of 2019 to next Feb.

All nice landscape photos, people photos, forest photos and ethnic village photos about trekking in Xishuangbanan .

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Local Attractions
  • Tropical Botanic Garden
  • Wild Elephant Valley
  • Xishuangbanna introduction
  • Weather forecast in 5 days

    What's the weather of Xishuangbanna ?

  • Xishuangbanna weather
  • Kunming weather forecast
  • Dali weather forecast
  • Lijiang weather forecast
  • China weather forecast

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    Welcome to join our trekking !

    We do not spoil the environment
    We do give extra money for accommodation to the local people
    We do bring medicines to the local people


    Trekking in Yunnan, minority people of south China, backpackers accommodation and jungle tours guided by a Chinese native guide: Sara. Visit her small inner city Cafe in Jinghong Xishuangbanna district at the Mekong River to relax and plan your daytrips to the Dai, Aini, Bulang, and Ake hilltribes. See villages with tea, pineapple, rubber plantations.Guiding trekking groups to all parts of the Xishuangbanna region.

    With her excellent knowledge of the forests and the minority areas, Sara can guide your party on a individual customized trek, taking in account your experience and the time you can spare for this trek. Sara's Aini and Dai language skills and her fluent English and of course her native Chinese language are the basis for intercultural understanding when you want to get more insights.

    Got interested?

    Here's Sara's trekking examples of 2017:

    1. One day Pu'er tea mountains tour(forest and village)
    2-3 days hiking in Xishuangbanna ethnical village and Myanmar border

    new trek7 days trekking&hiking in North Yunnan

    What is required on your trekking?

    If there is no boat to Thailand, you may take a flight from Kunming to Bangkok of Thailand, by China Eastern Airline or go throug Laos by bus to Thailand.

    Travel tips and information of Xishuangbanna

    What is tipical foods in xishuangbanna?          Frequently asked questions

    Map of Xhishuangbanna area        Map of Jinghong City (updated on 2011-07-15)   Jinghong City Bus Map (景洪公交车地图)    Yunnan Map

    Introduction of Scenery Spot        What's the Pu'er tea ?

    Look nice picture gallery on the trek     Write down your travel tips & comments

    How to get to Jinghong ( center of Xishuangbanna )?             

    What to eat in Yunnan     Fruits in Xishuangbanna

    Saturday Market day. In Dai language Market day called Ganbai. It is for the local Dai people trade things like food , fruit and ect. on the market. Normally the market will finish at noon time.

    Related Photoes

    Backpacks Hostel: booking room online

    Its location close to Jinghong city center with a garden, wifi, double rooms, 3 beds dorm rooms and 6 beds dorm rooms.

    Adress:Mengzhe Rd No.20, Jinghong, Yunnan

    Tel:0691-2581119, Mobile:14708813273 ,Location Map

    In the lush Xishuangbanna evenings, nothing can be more soothing and relaxing than a visit of Jinghong’s famous hot springs, the ideal way to end a long, sweaty trekking day.
    The hot springs area, probably the most beautifully designed in Yunnan province, is just a 20 minute cab drive away from the City center and its layout resembles a large, luxuriant tropical garden dotted with arched walkways and stepping stones. The sanitary facilities are impeccably clean, the service is discreet and efficient, and there’s an assortment of steaming hot pools you can soak in, each one with its own special fragrance (coffee, tea, rose petals, coconut milk, etc). A treat you should experience at least once while in Jinghong! A two-hours visit of the hot springs resort area including transport (its pretty much out in nowhere’s land!) and cover change would cost you approximately 150 yuan.

    Puer tea shop
    Puersong Tea Shop where you can try and buy good quality Puer tea from old Puer tea tree of Xishuangbanna
    My friend Sunyoung has been running Puer tea business since 2006. She like Puer tea very much and have Puer tea shop and company beside the Peacock Lake.If you like Puer tea, you can try a few different Puer tea at her tea shop.
    Puer tea house
    I am sure you will enjoy the good quality Puer tea and nice view of Peacock Lake, in the ceter of Jinghong city. Her tea shop location
    Consular Office of the Lao PDR, Jinghong Consular Office of the Lao PDR is where you can get your Laos visa in Jinghong . Tel:0691-8988090 ,Office location map
    Dali Attraction
    Hike Cang Snow Mountains(Cang Shan) in Dali of Yunnan province

    Shangri-La Attraction

    Hike the Haba Snow Mountain where is the most peaceful area and a pure land in my experience.

    snow mountain of Yunnan
    Lijiang Attraction
    Hike Tiger Leaping Gorge in Shangri la of Yunnan province
    ArcadiA Reizen, avontuur met oog voor comfort
    You can choose between EASY forest trails and steep MOUTAIN TREKKING
    Stay by the FIRE in the caf and read a book, play music, games or watch the clouds roll by!
    Edward Adventures
    China guizhou festival tours

    A China tour operator Team organises motor travel, camping, trekking and mountaineering tours .Travel to Yunnan , Tibet, Guizhou, Shangri-La, Enjoy chinese minority festivals, adventure tours and specials of Southwest China.
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    (Minorities-Guizhou travel)
    We are a Chinese travel agency located in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province.
    The spirit, the values and the ethics(respect of the environment, respect of the cultures and people, consideration of sustainable development) which we associate with our tourism activities.

    Chinese Visa - China travel visa application service.

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