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Puersong Puer Tea Company
A Puer tea shop where you can try and buy good quality Puer tea of Xishuangbanna and have a nice view of Peacock Lake......
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My friend Sunyoung comes from Korea. She has been running Puer tea business since 2006, she and her husband Chengxun registered tea company East Tea Source Tea Co.,Ltd in 2010. She really like Puer tea, drinking Puer tea every day at home or when she do tea ceremony for her visitors.Sometimes, I bring my clients who interested in Puer tea to her Puer tea shop, she is always hospitality to show us different quality Puer tea and share her experiences. After trying a few diffirent type of Puer tea, normally we can find out which one 's our favorite Puer tea. It means your favourite Puer tea which it might not very expensive because everyone has own preferences.
business hours 8: 00 ~ 12: 00 , 14: 00 ~ 18: 00
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Puer tea shop location
Tea shop location on Jinghong City Map

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If you want to try or buy good quality Puer tea of Xishuangbanna, you can contact her as below.

Tea shop phone: 0691-2149380
Sunyoung's mobile: 13988190101
Email :


Their company's Puer tea products

Puer tea products
2011 puer teapuer tea of Laobanzhang

A review of their Puer tea products on
There are several boutique vendors I know in Yunnan who make very high quality puer cakes from old trees. They are all Koreans (as I am) and they probably sell 99% of them to their customers in Korea. I was lucky enough to find one of them through Korean IP. He will ship this year's tea samples for free if you pay the shipping. (I just received samples a few days ago. It was 186RMB via EMS to USA) His cakes are not cheap by any measures, but the quality is incredible. Unfortunately, he does not really have a website in English but anyone wants to try the samples, I can relay the message to him.
I personally bought several cakes from him over past few years and I can tell you his quality is as good as any out there in the world of puer.
He does have a paypal account so you can do easy transactions if you decide to order samples or purchase later on.

Added: BTW, when you order samples, you will receive 5 to 6 each 20~25g packages. If you want to order, you can email him directly at or send me a message and I will help you get in touch with him.

Edit 2; I am not related with him in anyway or associated with his business. I just want to share and enjoy good puer with my fellow puer drinkers.


Make Puer tea with local tea farms in ancient Puer tea mountains of Xishuangbanna

ancient puer tea plantation
Ancient Puer tea plantation in tea mountains

harvest puer tea
Harvest Puer tea leaves on an ancient Puer tea tree.

tea leaf example
puer tea leafspring puer tea leaf
Spring is the best tea season, because of the first energy of tea tree in a year and dry weather.

making puer tea
Roast fresh Puer tea leaves and roll the roasted Puer tea leaves

sellect tea leaves
Dring the Puer tea leaves under the sun and get rid of poor quality tea leaves

stone mold of puer tea
Stone mold for making Puer tea cakes