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Minority in Xishuangbanna >>Dai ethnic people's hand-made brocade


Hand-made brocade by Dai People

Dai brocade art has a very long history. According to the historian textual research, brocade wais documented in the Han Dynasty history . In Tang, Song period, it has been basically formed a certain scale. In Nanzhao, local officials use it as a tribute gift toroyal administration, be regarded as treasures of the nobility.

Dai brocade is one of the oldest textile technology. Pattern created by skilled textile, the pattern of the organization is very strict. Dai brocade is exquisite, unique designs, colors, with rough plain sense and strong decorative. The patterns are horse, deer, elephant, peacock, tree and flower etc.on sheets, quilt cover, table cloth, shawls, scarves and Buddhist streamers, shows the Dai People 's wisdom and longing for a better life.

In the past,people's clothing, food and shelter are inseparable from the textile. Dai girl start to learn embroidery and weaving cloth at 12 years old. Most self-produced brocade used by themselves, rarely used in market exchange.

Mannuandian village is 5 km away from Jinghong city. The village was Xishuangbanna Dai Royal Brocade village before liberation. Every village had a division of labor to previous Xishuangbanna Dai palace. Mannuandian village is specifically for the Royal brocade. It is the famous Dai brocade village on the Dai history. Women handed down grandparents skill from generation to generation. Brocade is traditional cottage industries of the village, the family is the unit of weaving and marketing.At present, there are 150 families and over 800 people living in the village, almost every family has a loom, a woman can do brocade. The village has 10 brocade hotshot, they can show dozens of process from cotton to weave a brocade.


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