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Minority in Xishuangbanna >>Dai ethnic people's hand-made pottery


Hand-made Pottery by Dai People

Since ancient times, Dai people have been living with handmade potteries including ceramic pan, ceramic tank, ceramic pots, small hanging tile roof, temple roof and roof ornaments.

Yunnan has over 4000 years of ceramics history. There are Mandou Village in Jinghong, Manluanzhan Village in Ganlanba, Manzha Village and Menglong Village in Menghai and other places have retained a more complete Dai traditional pottery techniques.

Dai people have always been popular with pottery, ceramics in the Dai language is called "Banmo", commonly called as "earth pot." In the early Ming Dynasty, there was a book called "BaiYi Memoir," said: "Dai people only use ceramics in their daily life." The difference from other ethnic group, Dai pottery pass on from generations to generations by women, and its main tools are wheel, wood bats, scraping bamboo, stone ball, the main art processes, including clay pounding, soil sieve, mixed with sand, water penetration, installed turntable, the system blank, blank playing, dry, preparing of roast pottery, roasting pottery and other sectors, the production of pottery can be divided according to their purpose of life appliances, building materials, appliances and other types of offering Buddha.

Dai pottery skills as the most prominent feature of slow round hand, the surface of all objects with a grain of wood stamped pat play, which is similar to unearthed stamped consistent of south Neolithic pottery. Dai also pay attention to pottery in selected materials, mainly to improve the clay forming by adding sands and stone. The roasting method also has its own characteristics, including open roasting and closed half-roasting and other methods. Method of making a blank was diversified characteristics , blank system without wheel, play wheel by toe, hand playing wheel, etc.. These ancient techniques of pottery, Dai tradition is still used today. Since the late 1950s, many famous archaeologists conducted a special investigation of Dai ceramics ​​, Dai traditional pottery that is representative of our original pottery, is the key to unlock the mystery of Chinese Neolithic pottery . 


blank playing


finished products

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photos of Dai pottery family workshops