Trekking Yunnan, enjoy lovely minority people life, see villages with tea, pineapple, rubber plantations ......

Welcome to Forest Cafe,Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, South China!!!
Thank you for paying attention to our trekking service!!!
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We do not spoil the environment
We do give extra money for accommodation to the local people
We do bring medicines to the local people

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Time: Fri Dec 6 08:06:26 2013, Name: Roser Giner Bruñó, Country: UK, E-Mail: N/A
I started to plan my trip to Xishuangbanna one year ago. I discovered Forest Cafe on line, and I have to say ... If you wish to visit this beautiful part of Southwest China, do not hesitate and contact Stone and Sara. They love the nature, the forest, the ancient tea trees, the villages and they organize fantastic trekkings. Just have a look in their magnificent web site. They speak fluent English, which is very helpful in China. My interest was in pu er tea as well as trekking around in the forest and 'touch' the ancient trees and discover this wonderful tea world.
I arrived in JingHong the 8th October and I stayed during one week. Thank you Stone for let me share one trekking with you. To teach me about environment, to share photographs and conversations.I also visited the Botanic Garden in Mengun. Highly recommended.
My physical conditions did not help me to join other trekkings, but I came back home with my basket full of wisdom.

Time: Thu Aug 7 16:20:13 2013, Name: Famhe,Jonnde, Maryn and Marthe, Country: Holland, E-Mail: N/A
Dear Stone,
Thank you very much for the great experience during out hiking trip. We enjoyed your stories about the flora and fauna and the stories about your religion. It was a tough journey, but we share great memories.Good lunch in the future.

Kind Regards
The Dutch Girls
Dutch gift to Stone
Time: Sun Jan 29 08:29:59 2012, Name: jim and laura, Country: usa, E-Mail: jltilly(at)
What a great trip we had trekking throughout Xishuangbanna with Stone. He is very knowledgable about the area and the people, he made our two treks very memorable. We highly recommend him and although we didn\'t hike with Sara we found her to be extremely friendly and would be great to trek with her next time. Thanks again adn hope to return soon.

Time: Sun Aug 21 22:56:48 2011, Name: sally fitch, Country: usa, E-Mail: nomad.sally(at)
Your website is exiting to read. I am so looking forward to meeting you and visiting the ethnic villages. My passion is ethnic textiles and learning from the women their process of making the beautiful works of art.....I hope to see you in November.

sally fitch
Time: Tue Apr 26 06:21:46 2011, Name: Jose & Libusa, Country: Slovakia, E-Mail: jose.havran(at)
Dear Stone,

I was a nice surprise to find the first person in China to make a good bread. I can send you some hints about bread making, so drop me an e-mail if you are interested.

I hope we would come to Xishuangbanna again

Time: Fri Oct 29 15:28:25 2010, Name:Jenny & Christoph, Country: Germany, E-Mail: N/A
Dear Sara,
how are you? Hope you and your brother are doing fine and you still have a busy hiking season ,-). We safely arrived back in Beijing after a great trip around China. The most exciting moment was definetely the bamboo snake you discovered. I already told everyone I know about it and I even distributed the picture to all my curious friends ;-).
Time: Sun Aug 15 11:28:02 2010, Name: auto loans, Country: Papua New Guinea, E-Mail: daragesor(at)
This site is a walk-through for all the information you wanted about this and didn' t know who to ask. Look here, and you' ll definitely find it.
Time: Sat Apr 10 16:04:14 2010, Name: evy, Country: Austria, E-Mail: N/A
Hi! I found your website actually on my very last day in Jinghong( 2 days ago), couldnt believe I missed visiting it!We lived in Tai garden hotel, and on the map forest cafe looks so close! The last day we went to a Dai-Village and had dinner there (a local friend and collegue of my sister (I am half chinese) invited us)and I just loved it. I saw that with some of your trips you actually visit them, sleep in their families and so on. It sounds very interesting! I cant wait to come again as soon as possible and then for sure will do trekking with you! Really like your website and the whole idea. I also would like to know wether you have information about trekking in the north (like Shangri-La region) like tiger leaping gorge, etc. as next time I also want to visit the north. Many greetings (right now) from Kunming!

Hi Evy,
I think you can do a trekking of tiger leaping gorge by yourself, please have a look my story For other trek in the north of Yunnan, you can contact Edward He in Dali, and check his website:
Kind Regards
Time: Fri Mar 5 14:12:03 2010, Name: Fabian, Country: Austria, E-Mail: propellerhead(at)
To do a trip to the environments of Jinghong was the best decision we took on our trip through southeastern China. The people at Forest Caf?were very helpful and attentive whenever we had a question. What\'s more, the food there\'s real nice! Thanks a lot for guiding us, Sara. Hope to see you again! Verena, Karl & Fabian

Time: Sun Jan 10 10:43:59 2010, Name: R. Agi Sagita G (馬亮耶), Country: Indonesia, E-Mail: N/A
Dear Sara and Stone, Thank you for your effort preserving the beauty of Yunnan by promoting it to the world. I hope someday I still have the chance to see the everlasting beauty of Yunnan province.

Time: Sat Oct 31 11:40:52 2009, Name: Fritzi, Country: Germany, E-Mail: N/A
Dear Stone! Well, we are back in Nanjing now and I keep on studying Chinese and writing my law dissertation and my friends are back in Germany. We really had great time with you. Thank you so much!!! At the beginning I really had to persuade my friends to visit me in China. They were so afraid! But now they like it so much, they want to come back next year. Yeah! :-)

Time: Sun May 31 15:21:13 2009, Name: julia and holger, Country: Germany, E-Mail: N/A
hi sara, we are now on laos and enjoy this relaxed and friendly country with the good noodle soups. we are really really happy that we did the trekking tour in south of china together with you. here in laos the trekking and visiting hills tribes is so different, so much in fashion, that everybody just does it... can't never be this way we could expererience it with you...

Time: Fri May 29 04:37:56 2009, Name: Pascal, Country: UK, E-Mail: N/A
An article about Forest Cafe's trek on the inflight magazine for Thai Airways.
Several kinds of treks are available in Xishuangbanna - ones that both satisfy the day - tripper and the hardcore adventures seeker.Find out more at Forest Cafe or Mekong Cafe...
Trek Talk of China

Time: Wed Feb 13 04:37:56 2008, Name: Marc, Country: Germany, E-Mail: tiffert_marc(at)
hi sara and stone, just wanna tell u that i really enjoyed the days in banna, the trekking, the food, the nice people, all was really a great time. thank u stone for the guidance to the villages. i hope to see u 2 back someday. all best wishes :)

Time: Sun Feb 3 07:21:18 2008, Name: Bibingiop Alaksx, Country: Germany, E-Mail: mamahezda(at)
Thanks for a good site with a very good info. I searched the whole web on this information in find your site! Good work

Time: Mon Jan 4 04:59:39 2008, Name: Margaret & John, Country: US, E-Mail: N/A
Thanks, Adam. ...Sarah & Stone: Thank you for guiding us and thanks to the families & villagers who hosted us. Fellow Trekkers: You were great companions. John & I are back in the U.S. and the Yunnan trek was the most memorable part of our 2-week China trip! Adam, Kevin, Xing: Look us up when you're in DC--it'd be great to hear what you're doing. That goes for you too, Sarah & Stone--if you visit U.S. & Washington DC.

Time: Mon Oct 1 16:21:02 2007, Name: littleemperor, Country: ireland, E-Mail: littleirishemperor(at)
hi, i'm looking to visit jinhong next year and may think about teaching english while there do you know any school's. i usually teach kindergarten kids. i'm a montessori teacher as well. are there many westerners living in the area. any help would be great. thanks

Time: Sun Aug 26 11:13:32 2007, Name: Etic & Mary, Country: Frence, E-Mail: N/A
How is life in Jinghong? We are in yangshuo at the moment very nice! Heading to Hong Kong tonight. We liked the trekking we did with you, very much.Hope business is going well at Forest Cafe.

Time: Sun Feb 11 10:08:15 2007, Name: Truus Jenner-Zwerink, Country: Nederland, E-Mail: jingjang(at)
Hai, Sara, we (Henny and myself) and he group we will see you soon,hope have i lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am looking forwards to it. Truus Jenner Suzhou China.

Time: Thu Aug 17 14:06:49 2006, Name: elena, Country: netherlands, E-Mail: blondy_fool_06(at)
Hi Sara, thanks for the great trip we had with you.. I'm back in Holland now, and I'm looking almost every day to the pictures we've made and thinking back of a great time in the mountains with the rainshowers and all the kinds of insects..;) take good care! Elena.

Time: Mon May 22 12:47:09 2006, Name: Anita Bingeman, Country: U.K., E-Mail: Peacehorses(at)
I am coming over to China in Jan 07 to teach English. I would very much like to be able to go on a horseback trek along part of the Tea Horse Trail. I would have about 2 months to do this. I am a very experienced long distance female rider. Please can you help me in any way. Thank you. Anita.

Time: Thu May 11 05:47:14 2006, Name: Truus Jenner-Zwerink, Country: the Netherlands, E-Mail: suzhou(at)
Hallo Sara, It was great to meet you in Jinghong. We are back in Suzhou now and our guest back in Holland. We had a wonderfull trip. Thanks for all you did for us. Henny en Truus.

Time: Thu Feb 9 04:38:04 2006, Name: stone, Country: China, E-Mail: forest_cafe_stone(at)
We rebuilt our guestbook.we hope you like it.before we found some pepole wrote down some not friendly homepage links here,so we cancel the homepage links option.We do not accept any links to other site on our guestbook now.thanks!

Date: 2006-01-10 17:30:00 David Patterson ( pat_tripos(at) / no homepage) wrote:
As an American spending a week in Jinghong with my daughter, let me say that Sara and Forest Cafe were highlights of an amazing experience. Our New Year's Day visit to an Aini village and other sites with Sara was an intriguing and unique insight into a different culture... and Sara's home-roasted coffee was a life saver! To any visitor to the city - go first to Forest Cafe and find your "home away from home". Thanks, Sara and Stone!

Date: 2005-12-25 20:54:56 Agata Tatar ( Agata_Tatar(at) / no homepage) wrote:
Hello, friends, I'd like to leave a memory at your GB. I want to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excellent design and it is easy to navigate. Nice page with absolute great information! Agata Tatar %e-mail%

Date: 2005-12-23 02:19:22 natetraf ( / ) wrote:
Hi Sarah,
Just wanted to say hello and how much we enjoyed the nice atmosphere of the Forest Cafe, the amazingly good banana-pancakes (best of Jinghong!), and the risks you accepted to take, guiding two musicians on unknown places!
Take care!
All the best for you, Stone and Forest Cafe,
We hope to come back as soon as possible!

Raf & Nat.
Date: 2005-10-05 19:03:33 Annie Moerman ( ae.moerman(at) / no homepage) wrote:
Dear Sara, Next saturday I will go to Kumming. I have read that you will be our guide. I look formward to this trip! I have been twice in Jinhong, in 1993 and in 2000. Much has changed in that period! In 2000 we went by bicycle from Yangshou to your place of birth. I hope that we will see many authentic things.
See you next sunday! Greetings, Annie

Date: 2005-08-20 11:58:12 Letty and Martin ( letty.martin(at) / no homepage) wrote:
Dear Sara,
After some very busy weeks I am looking at the pictures and reading the diary of our weeks traveling around with you, Stone and Jaap in South China in april 2005. You made it one of our best and most interesting journey by sharing your experience, your stories, your way of living and thinking. We are enjoying it again. I just saw your website. We hope to see you again, ever, and wish you many nice trekkers and all the luck in the world.

Date: 2005-07-20 20:58:49 Sara Davis ( sara.meg.davis(at) / ) wrote:
Congratulations Lai Wenyan! Your site looks GREAT and glad to hear that business is going well.
Everyone should go on these treks -- this lady really knows what she's doing.
Sara Davis (Dai Yulan)

Date: 2005-06-27 03:35:02Rishi Pd Nepal ( info(at) ) wrote:
Very nice site well done best of luck in Near future!
Namaste and greetings from Nepal!

Date: 2005-06-08 12:54:51 Jacob ( arcjaap(at) / ) wrote:
Sara and Stone

I looked at your site and i have to tell you that it is more clear now and the trips you are offering are very interesting. I think not many people in Southern Yunnen have more travelexperience than you and it is nice that yuo do a good job with the local people since they are most respected. Other companies just care for making money without showing respect for the minority people . Continue with your good work and even when it takes longer one day you will be very famous.
Best regards


Date: 2005-05-21 07:45:55 Randy Gaudet ( allthai(at) ) wrote:

HI Sara, greetings from Chiangmai Thailand,

I saw your web site and believe we can send clients to you.

I have a tour operation based in Chiangmai where we bring clients from the USA and around Europe and Australia. Some of these people like adventure such as your rafting and trekking trips.

We are planning itineraries for our clients where we bring people to Jinghong by overnight riverboat from Chiang Sean Thailand. Our clients will spend 1 evening in Jinghong, offer a few days trips and adventures then return to Jinghong and fly back to Bangkok.

For families the Northern Route to see the wild elephant and bird watching would be best plus an extra day to visit the city. For the more adventurous the 4 day Mountain trek staying in Minority villages would be good.

If you would like to work together please get back to me and I will give an itinerary for you for prices.

I will then make a special section for our web site.

Kind regards,
Randy Gaudet
All Thailand Experiences

Date: 2005-04-21 09:45:57 Biak Birds Club ( biakbirdsclub(at) ) wrote:
Hi your site is very nice and interesting.
Hope we will comeback again soon.
Warms greeting from Biak Papua Indonesia

Date: 2005-02-28 10:23:51 jerome ( arbresvenerables(at) ) wrote:
Good luck Sara in your trekkings passions. Hope to see you soon. Look for the old trees and the butterflies. Keep aware the trekkers about the environment. Jerome

Canada - Friday, September 24, 2004 at 15:14:29 (CEST) Alex & Julie < laroutedelasoie(at) >
Hello Sara ! What a great time we had with you, thanks again for this marvelous time in a China that has reavealed us a new and exciting face... Looking forward to discovering many other ethnic people next time...and their colorful and flavorful food : ) Cheers, take care !

The Netherlands - Friday, August 27, 2004 at 12:57:26 (CEST) jan < janmeursz(at) >
Hello dear Sara, I did not know the best and most charming guide in the south of China had her own website. But now I know ! And so everybody can know it. So you wil get a lot of custumors now. You deserve it! Jan The Netherlands