Trekking Yunnan, enjoy lovely minority people life, see villages with tea, pineapple, rubber plantations ......

7 days guided budget tours of Southwest China

This tour will bring you to China's ancient tea culture region of Xshuangbanna , unique home-staying opportunities in a villages with beautiful rice terraces and chances to genuinely socialize with local people.You will enjoy most beautiful area on the tour. This will be so worth your money!

ZOUBA TRAVEL JOIN-IN July/August/Sept 2012

Coming summer/rainy season, we'll depart 3 times for a week long Red River immersion trip. We'll
travel almost entirely through the Red River district, both to extremely remote places as to places
with a longer history of economical significance. We will try to understand the incredible diversity
of Yunnan and enjoy unique tastes of the region's history, nature, foods and peoples.

Group size: 5 to 10

Departure dates:
Tuesday July 24th – return to Kunming: Monday July 30th
Tuesday August 14th – return to Kunming Monday August 2 th
Tuesday August 28 th – return to Kunming Monday September 3rd
(the trips will be confirmed 2 weeks ahead of scheduled departure date)

Price: 5750 CNY
This price includes 7 days and 6 nights all-inclusive arrangement.
The food standard will be the highest possible.
The hotels will all have comfortable, clean rooms with at least 3 stars.
The car will be a comfortable, safe and fully licensed tour bus.
Included is an experienced, well-connected and knowledgeable guide.

Day 1 – Kunming – Mi
We'll leave at the meeting point in Kunming at 9 in the morning. We'll drive to Shilin, where we'll
have a walk through the lesser known parts of the Stone Forest. After this, we'll visit a very special
Yi-restaurant and have a big lunch. After lunch we'll drive past a small village that has some
interesting murals. After all this, we'll drive to Mile and check into a luxurious hot springs resort.
We're in for a very diverse and interesting meal in the best restaurant in town. At night, we'll enjoy
the hot spring facilities.
Luxurious hotel (Huquan Hotsprings Hotel and Resort)

Day 2 – Mile – Jianshui – Ge
We start the day slowly and take a bath after breakfast. We leave at 10 and drive to Jianshui, we're
we'll have a lunch of famous local specialities in the centre of the old town. After we experienced
the town center in Jianshui we'll visit a neighbouring village where former Han settlers left
beautifully restored buildings in a romantic rural area . After this, we'll make our way to Gejiu and
interact with the locals during a walk around their “golden lake”. At night, we'll have dinner in t
former railway station that is now a museum. This is the formal start of our historic tour of the Red
River district.
Comfortable Hotel (***)

Day 3 – Gejiu – Yuanyang – Lü
Today we'll cross the Red River at Nansha and drive up the Ailaoshan mountains into the famous
area of Yuanyang's rice terraces. We'll have a beautiful morning hike through the lesser known parts
of this enchanting area. We'll descend into one of the more subtropical valleys again for a lunch of
pickled bamboo and marinated beef. After lunch, we'll make our way up a brand new highway to
Lüchun. Over there, we'll enjoy an interesting dinner with some local friends and spend some fre
time in the evening.
Comfortable Hotel (***)

Day 4 – Lüch
Tucked away along the Vietnamese border as the least densely populated and most remote county of
the Red River prefecture, Lüchun will present us with lots of hidden gems. In the morning we'l
visit the Hani museum to get a good idea about the history and origins of the local people and their
ways of working the land. After the museum, we'll visit a workshop where Hani clothing is made in
the old fashioned way. For lunch, we'll stop at the most famous tofu table in town and stock up on
natural products like honey, herbs and wild tea. In the afternoon we'll enjoy views over the city
from the local mountain tops and have dinner in the home of a local family.
Comfortable Hotel (***)

Day 5 – Lüchun – Sanmeng – Lü
We'll leave early to visit the Huanglian natural reserve. This is one of the largest patches of primary
jungle in Yunnan province and is roaming with wild animals. The last tiger has been seen only five
years ago. We'll hike into the area and taste some of its wild fruits and vegetables. After this
exciting hike, we'll make our way to the nearby rice terraces viewing point and spend some time
here. We'll have lunch in a local primary school. In the afternoon, we'll pass a very remote village
called Sanmeng and make our way back to Lüchun over a rough patch of road sided by stunnin
scenery. We'll have a festive dinner when we arrive and stay in town for our last night.
Comfortable Hotel (***)

Day 6 – Lüchun – Moji
We'll leave early again to a small Yi settlement called Niukong. Because it is Sunday, Niukong will
be bustling with a mix of ethnic minority groups from the nearby area. We'll stay in the market area
in the morning and have lunch in one of the small restaurants. In the afternoon we'll make our way
to Mojiang and have dinner on local specialities. In Mojiang we'll investigate the local myth of the
“twin city?
Comfortable Hotel (***)

Day 7 – Mojiang – Kunmi
From Mojiang, we'll drive to the Red River valley in Yuanjiang. Yuanjiang is crucial for the history
of rice terrace farming in the Ailaoshan area further down the Red River and we'll look at it's
significance. We'll have a tasty subtropical local lunch. After lunch we'll get back to Kunming to
have our last dinner and finish our trip.

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