Trekking Yunnan, enjoy lovely minority people life, see villages with tea, pineapple, rubber plantations ......
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That day I set out for a trekking with 5 friends.They were 3 dutch boys(Marco, Jorian, Timon) , one dutch girl called Michelle and one Thai boy(Gong) who only joined this trek group for 2 days.We were planning to take a ferryboat at a 5 families small Dai village to the other Dai village beside Mekong River. But on the way to the small village, the boat men called me and said,"his ferryboat had a problem to go upstream, because the dry season made the river narrow and strong. There was a river shoal with rapid stream. They tried to go upstream for half an hour, but it didn't work, so they have to give up and tell me to go further along the road beside the river." We could get on the boat on a beach.
have a shower in a waterfall
When we arrived there, before us, there was a step path leading to the beach. We have to slided down slowly along the path. When I was walking on soft sends on the beach, i touched the cool misty air above the Mekong River at the same time. I saw the rapid stream with large rushing sound.

We boarded on the boat, started to go downstream.I was leaning against the boat side, watching the odd-shaped rocks on the both sides of the river.When my face was touching by moist air, I felt comfortable and nice feeling.Time flied fast, after half an hour, we arrived the Dai village beside Mekong River. We went the boatmen's family for lunch. The man was very hospitable, prepared vegetables, fishes and home-made wine from corn for us. I was very drunk after the lunch, but I still remembered the man told us his fishing story that was about catching big catfishes between 30 kg and 60 kg in Mekong River and i still could finish the later 3 hours walking on the top of hills along the river.On the way to the overnight Aini people's village, we could look over the landscape of Mekong River.

When we arrived the Aini village where we stayed overnight, it was still early. After 1 hour rest, I decided to watch sunset on a top of small hill nearby the village. We were sitting there, watched the sun was going down. The night fall was coming. At the evenning, we had good dinner with peanuts, vegitables and fungus. When we had the dinner, the thai boy started a talk about gay in thailand and other people shared their interesting story in their country. It is a lot of fun. I have very good sleep that night.

2nd day, we got up at 8 am. After breakfast, we walked down the hills in the misty air. When we arrived the river side, there was not a ferryboat waiting there. Maybe it was too early to get there. The other people like swimming very much, so they decided to swim in the Mekong River.Maybe it was the only oppertunity to swim in mekong river for them. They jumped into clear water. I watched them and asked them do not swim far away. They were very friendly and biddable.Even they were very happy to swim in the river, but they could not bear the cold water from the snow mountains of Tibet where is the mekong river's source.


With the voices of the engine was coming, the ferryboat was ready to take us across the river. We acrossed the river and continuely climbed up the hills for 2.5 hours. On the way there were 1.5 hours in the bamboo forest mixed with jungles.It was cooler walking than under the sun. The overnight village was a very small Aini village, only 13 families.It was very quite and far away from the city. At that night, after the dinner, a dutch boy Timon was really drunk, because he always repeated a words "I really want to get married with a Dai girl and make a mixed-blood child, half Dai and half Dutch." Next mornning, when he woke up, he said to me "Sorry for last night." I just smiled and told him, you talked a very interesting story last night. Haha~

3rd day, there were two members left our group, because Thai boy finished his trek and the dutch girl felt very tired, went back to the nearest town by motor bike. We were only 4 boys, but we were still excited to explore further area. 7 hours walking was done at that day. When we went through a valley with jungles and waterfalls, we really had a nice time. I could not forget to have a shower under the waterfall, so cool, so excited for taking a photo in waterfall. It was a perfect refuge for hot weather.That night we stayed in a Dai village with 27 families.

4th day, it was a normally day. We walked in rubber plantation and pineapple fields. For my 3 dutch freinds, they were suprised to have a yellow pinapple which was ripe on the plant. So sweet pineapple for them. I could understand, the pineapple selling in a supper market of holland is not ripe when it was picked off. A green pineapple also can be yellow after store for long time.

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    I really enjoy the shower in the waterfall

    pig in a village

    ferry boat on Mekong
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