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Bob and Mary are an old couple over 60s. The way Mary appreciates wild flowers like an innocent girl. She picked up and held in her hands all the time. When they saw colourful butterflies dancing in the air, they were shouting and pleading them to stop for their memorable pictures. When they couldn't take a picture of them, they sighed remorsefully. I was thinking to myself: you were lucky because you saw them at last, those vivid photoes etched in your brain.

Whenever I met old people who have peery eyes, I am always wondering: am I able to have a similar behaviour like them or not when I become older?

sun raise

while we had lunch at Bulang village, they had great fun with the children in the village, therefore I suggested them to stay an overnight at the second Bulang village instead staying in the guesthouses in Xiding. It only takes 1 hour walk from where we had lunch. Strangely, I felt sleepy in the last 40 minutes during our walking, it was my first time as I can remember. The Bulang village that we were heading to which located on the half waist of a mountain. Somehow I haven't spent an overnight yet so far.

We arrived at 6pm, it seemed most of the villagers were still on the field or on their way back home. I was roaming aimlessly in the village, but, I knew I needed to build my connection and find a nice house to stay at the same time, I was confident with the host situation, I would find a right one for us to stay sooner or later. The three of us lowered our heads through the ground floor of the bungalows, a middle-aged Dai couple was surrounding a few yellow cows caught our attention, bekconed by undescribably air around them, I walked close to have a better look, I was very curious to find out what they were doing.The man seemed to use his coarse hands to massaged the hip of one of the cows, the woman was using a pair of scissors to cut the beard of the cow, wasn't she? I was baffled with what I saw at that fleeting moment. Bob and Mary were standing a bit distance from the couple, they couldn't see what was going on. While I was telling them what I saw and believed with my hands dancing with gleeful movements in the air. I noticed the woman turn around her face to our direction with the scissors in her right hand, I saw something was moving agony from left to the right direction constantly. "what was that?" I was so scared, my heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds, creepy worms are one of the creatures I don't like them at all in the nature. It looked like an earthworm, no, its length was to short too be an earthworm, wasn't it? I was obessessed with my own thoughts, so I asked to the woman:" what was it?", "a leech", there was nothing need to be exaggerated in her flat tone. My god! This unexpected event became a highlight of our day unqestionably, I thought.

The couple became our host spontaneously. While we were sitting in an open-air, bamboo- made balcony, I was marvelling at how they built their houses together. 2 tidy rows of bungalow are facing each other, neighbours are talking, shouting, laughing freely when they do their chore. There is a narrow path stretch underneath between 2 arrayed of the bungalows.The dusk came slowly without a warning, the villagers were streaming in their sweet home one after another. Some of them held a bunch of wild edible plantation in their deft hands, or carryed a mudy spade on their untired strong shoulders, chating and exchanging chitchat, I was moved deeply by this tableau.....

Next morning, when left the village at 7:30am, we couldn't afford to miss the colourful Thursday market in Xiding. The sun rose and stroke the creatures as a gracious mother. When we pass a reservior, the reflection appeared on its surface as a gigantic, long, shinny gold, and as a group of mischievous demons were dancing with a capture grin, beckoning us to join them. We contiuned our walk, when we moved a tiny inch furthere from another angle around the reservior, the dream-like demons disppeared without a trace, did we really see one of the miracles in the nature a few minutes ago?

Suddenly, 2 orange-red, 15-20 centimeters wooden sticks lay quietly on the ground, driven with the unique colour, I picked it up and held it in my hands as a priceless gift was bestowed by mother nature. I observed the item in my right hand carefully, I was marveled at the texture of the bark, thin, half transparent, exquisite, paper-alike, its delicate quality shows it could have made by an unseeable clever and deft deity. The tree bark appears overlap layers in a regular form, 5--6 layer keep a reasonable distance to each other and cling to the bark tightly as children resting in their mother limp arms, fluttering their young arms earning for more attention in the crispy air.

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