Trekking Yunnan, enjoy lovely minority people life, see villages with tea, pineapple, rubber plantations ......

Trekking tour outside of Xishuangbanna, in North Yunnan and Guizhou of South China

We have been travelling those area before, we had built a realiable relationship with tour operators who can arrange trekking tour in other parts of Yunnan and Guizhou province. You can check their popular trekking tour or bus tour below.

1. Trekking Tiger Leaping Gorge and Hiking Haba Snow Mountains

On this tour you will enjoy amazing Tiger Leaping Gorge and holy Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, original pine forest , waterfalls , peaceful lakes, grassland and pure Haba Snow Mountain.

Day 1, Start from Lijiang around 9:00am, it takes 2.5 hours drive to Qiaotou. Starting trekking from Tiger Leaping Gorge to a Naxi people's village takes 1 hour, have lunch at the guesthouse. After lunch, hiking up and down about 3 hours to get to Yupeng Naxi village, staying overnight in Tea Horse Guesthouse. Enjoying the local food and nice view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
jade dragon snow mountain
View of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Day 2, after having breakfast at the guesthouse, start to walk around 9:00am. the trail is flat and go down mountain to the middle of Tiger Leaping Gorge , it takes about 4 hours to get to the Tinas Guesthouse, having lunch there and checking in the guesthouse. If you want to do more hiking , we can go down from the mountain to the bottom of the Gorge by steep trail along the cliff . Round way takes 2.5 hours. If you are tired , we can find a place where we can appreciate the magnifient view and listen to the murmuring water.
tiger leaping gorge
Middle of Tiger Leaping Gorge

Day 3, Start at 9:00am , driving 1.5 hours to the Haba Mountain Village, then pack luggage and hire the local guides , horses carry camping equipment and climbing equipment, we are continuing to Black Lake where is located in limestone hills with 3800 meaters above sea level. On the way, we will go through original pine forest and many small waterfalls, grassland and seasonal wild flowers. We stay overnight in tent on grassland beside the nice lake. From today we need cook by ourselves.
forest and grassland on the way to Black Lake
black lake
Black Lake

Day 4, today is a relaxing day. having a brunch, we can start trekking anytime before noon. We go some higer mountain by the lake about 5 hours walking. The highest mountain is about 4100 meters . there are some lakes ,grassland, diffirent kind of flowers, yaks and goats . We immerse ourselves in the fabulous view. What air! Staying overnight at the same camping base.
hills and lakes
Lakes and grassland on the way

Day 5, after breakfast, packing up all the luggages, starting trekking around 10:00am, toward to the next camping base where is 4100 meters elevation, below the snowline of Haba Snow Mountains. Walking along the Black Lake and climbing over the mountains until we reach the camping base. It takes about 5 hours.We need go to the bed early today because the next day is a hard day.
black lake
Peaceful Black Lake
camping base
2nd camping base

Day 6, getting up around 4:30am, having breakfast, starting to climb Haba Snow Mountain at 5:30. If it all goes well , climbing up to the mountain top is about 5 hours, the downhill parts takes about 3 hours. The top of Haba Snow Mountain is 5396 meaters elevation. We have to walk very slowly beacause of the thin oxygen. but we take our time to enjoy the sun raise and nice landscape.We stay overnight at the same camping base.
top of snow mountain
View from the top of Haba Snow Mountain

Day 7, today is an easy day , we go through the forest and walk down the mountains for 5 hours, reach Haba Mountain Villages. Having lunch in the village. In the afternoon, we can go back to Lijiang or you can go to Shangri-La from there.

2. Bus & Trekking tour in Guizhou

Day 1, Kaili-Rongjiang, visit some villages on the way to Rongjiang. Stay overnight in Rongjiang.

Day 2, Rongjiang-Guanghui,visit Jiali Miao village and Gaogeng Miao village. Stay overnight in Guanghui .

Day 3, Guanghui-Jiabang, visit the terraced fields in Jiabang, and it nearby thevillage. Stay overnight in Jiabang .

Day 4, Jiabang, hike to visit the villages nearby.

Day 5, Jiabang-Tingdong-Rongjiang, stay overnight in Rongjiang .

Day 6, Rongjiang-Baibei-Langdong, visit Baibei Miao village, and drive to Langdong, on the way we will visit Cenzui Miao village. Stay overnight in Langdong .

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