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Weather conditions throughout the year in Dali
Yunnan Dali climate is the Four Seasons almost spring-like , the cold is more heavy than Kunming (generally in Kunming, the cold tempreture from 4 ~ 5 degrees) 2 degrees colder, the heat more hot than Kunming (Kunming heat rarely more than 28 degrees) 2 degrees heater. If a rainy day, it is like winter time, there are the old city of Dali (Dali) and the new city of Dali (Xiaguan). Taking 20 minutes to the old city by No.4 public bus. In Xiaguan the wind is stronger than in the old city.At morning and evening, if you go out , should wear thin coat of the best autumn evening. close the doors and windows carefully At morning and evening. There is strong UV and big different tempreture between morning and evening.

Local Attractions Hike Cang Snow Mountains(Cang Shan) in Dali of Yunnan province

Dali Weather Forecast in 5 days

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