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Weather conditions throughout the year in Lijiang
Since Lijiang is located in traverses Mountains of southwest China, the vertical distribution of climate is significant. Although it is the plateau, snow-capped mountains is exist in the whole year, but with abundant rainfall, dry and wet quarter is clear. The average annual temperature in the 12.6 to 19.8 ℃.The hottest month average temperature from 18.1 to 25.7 ℃, the coldest month average temperature from 11.7 C to 4. Most of the change only warm and cool, no changes of cold and heat, and only there are the Spring and Autumn in a year, with marked dry season and the wet season. Lijiang average annual rainfall is 10 millimeters. From May to October is rainy season, rainfall for the whole year is more than 85 percent. Rainfall specially focus from July-Aug. Since the plateau is located in low latitudes, strong solar radiation throughout the year. The time of Lijiang plaine in sunshine is 2,530 hours.The amount of solar radiation per square centimeters is 146.5 kcal.It is the highest value areas in Yunnan Province.

Local Attractions Hike Tiger Leaping Gorge 2 hours from Lijiang, in Shangri la of Yunnan province

Lijiang Weather Forecast in 5 days

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