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What to eat in Yunnan

Over the Bridge Rice Noodles (in Jinghong, it is available)
It is a typical Yunnan local flavor that could only be tasted in some parts of Yunnan. The Over the Bridge Rice Noodles has along history and it carries with itself a vivid love story.

This famous dish consists of several courses and a big bowl of chicken soup with very thick oil on top to keep the heat for cooking the food items, including raw pork, cooked chicken pieces, pork liver, slices of squid and slices of carp for the first course to be dipped into the boiling hot soup. Vegetables are then added afterwards as the second course, and the rice noodles follow as the last course. It is a kind of snack food in Yunnan . Surely enough , you are eager to have a taste of Yunnan Over the Bridge Rice Noodles.

Steam Potted Chicken with Tienchi & Steam Potted Chicken with Cordyceps

In the old times , there used to be a restaurant famous for its steam potted chicken. Later they created a new variety with gastrodia tuber in the soup, becoming one of the well known local nutritious dishes in Kunming.

Early in the Qianlong Era of the Qing Dynasty, the steam potted chicken became popular among the common people. Jianshui County has a long history in producing the best pottery ware in Yunnan. Pots produced in this county has different shapes and forms.

The steam pot has a hollow tube fixed in the center, up to the height of the pot. Food including the raw chicken pieces, ginger, salt and so forth are put around the tube and the pot is placed onto a bigger pot with boiling water underneath. Steam will come up from the small hole in the middle to heat the food in the pot. The Chicken will be ready about three or four hours. The same method is used to cook other food and will increase the flavor of the dish.

Yiliang Roasted Duck
Have you ever heard that the Yiliang Roasted Duck can be compared with the famous Beijing Duck? Only they are roasted each in their own way. Therefore, they have different tastes. The "Goujie (dog street) Roasted Duck" produced in the Goujie Street of Yiliang is extraordinarily delicious, with the crispy and yellowish skin, soft and tender duck meant, has a special slight
flavor of pine needles.

Xuanwei Ham (in Jinghong, it is available)

Xuanwei Ham is also famous as Yunnan Ham, one of well-known hams in China. The history of Xuanwei ham dates back to the fifth year of YongZheng times in Qing Dynasty (AD 1727). Xuanwei ham won a prize at the Panama Fair in 1915. In 1923, Mr. Sun Zhongshan wrote an inscription "Yin He Shi De" (which means "eat properly for a sound mind") for Xuanwei ham and taste it at a food competition held in Guangzhou. Xuanwei ham has been selling well to Southeastern Asia and European countries.

As a rule, the Xuanwei ham is processed during the winter. Select the best pork leg and press out the pork blood completely. Rub it with salt and smoke or air it dry after the salt permeates to a certain depth of the pork. Try to test the pork leg in three when the surface of the pork turn in green. The quality standard is to have the ham fragrance from three needles punched in the pork. Cut the ham open from the middle, it looks bright in color and has a clean fresh color. It can be preserved well in cellar with low moisture or in a warehouse with good air conditioning. Xuanwei ham can be bought from any big or small stores. If not convenient for travelling, it is possible to by canned Xuanwei ham.

Sweet Tonghai Peapowder Candy

The sweet Tonghai peapowder candy is a famous traditional snack. It is very easy to get it from any store and shopping stand.The ingredients of the sweet Tonghai Peapowder Candy is made of quality white sugar, rice cerealose, and roasted peapowder(broad bean or pea).

Er Kuai (Rice Cake) (in Jinghong , it is available)

Er Kuai is made of quality rice, pressing it into its form after the rice is cooked, so it is called "rice cake". There are different ways in cooking Er Kuai. You can boil, roast, or oil fry it. Er Kuai is a very popular local dish, it is indispensable to every household during Lunar New Year family party.A special cooking method is to smoke if over a charcoal fire, then put some jam on the top. Er Kuai cooked in the way is often found at the breakfast table in Yunnan.

Yunnan Goat Cheese (in Jinghong, it is available)
Yunnan goat cheese is one of Yunnan special food , it made from freash goat milk which has intense favour , can not melt , deep fry or steamed with Yunnan bacon or tomato goat cheese salad is delicious.
Eryuan Cheese Piece
Eryuan in Dali Bai Nationality Prefecture is a hometown of diary cows. Cheese is one of the diary products. It is made of yogurt and fresh cow milk. After being boiled, the mixture of the yogurt and milk is made into a shape of fan. It can be oil fried or baked for eating. It is one of the major food items in the Three Courses Bai Tea Ceremony. It is easily kept for a period of time and is easy to cook.

Lunan Preserved Smelly Bean Curd
It is said that the production of Lunan Smelly Preserved Bean Curd has a long history. The main ingredients include smelly bean curd, chili, anise and fennel, and some additives such as wine.

Qujing Pickled Chives Flower
This local product was first produced in the Guanxu Year of the Qing Dynasty. Main ingredients include chives flower, salt, wine, chili, and brown sugar.
Sweet Pickled Kaiyuan Chinese Onion
Kaiyuan is a place in the south Yunnan and it is famous for its delicious sweet pickled Chinese onion. It is made of the Chinese onion, salt, chili, brown sugar, wine. After being sealed in a jar for three months, it is ready. It tastes crispy and slightly sweet.
Smoked Smelly Bean Curd
It is one of the popular snacks found in the night snack market in Kunming. Quality Bean Curd is used as the raw material and it is smoked over a charcoal fire. If you have chance to be at the night snack market in Kunming, remember to experience it yourself.

The Eight Treasures of Yunnan
Of all the well - known Yunnan cakes, the Eight Treasures of Yunnan comes the first. It is packed in eight small pieces. It consists of one hard - skin cake, a ham - stuffed moon part, two crispy white parts stuffed with puree and two crispy parts stuffed with sesame, peanuts, mushroom and rutabaga pickle.

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