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Brief introduction of Chunhuan(Manting) Park

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Chuanhuan(Manting) Park has 1,300 years of history, located in the south of Jinghong, is a natural forest park with an area of 24,000 square meters. It was once an imperial garden and later deserted. After serveral times restoration and extension in the recent years, it has become the largest park in Jinghong. Some ancient black-heart trees are still growing here. For the tourist's convenience, two imitations of Dai style famous buildings are set up here: one is Manfeilong Bamboo Shoots Pagoda, the other is Jingzhen Octagon Temple.

There is a Dai people's village called "ManTing village" is next to this park. In Dai language, "Man" means village and "Ting" means where to plant flowers. In the village, you still can see some troditional Dai style wooden houses.

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    Manting Park or Chunhuang [Garden of Spirits], located in the southeast of Jinghong City, is about 2 kilometers away from the urban area of the city. It has an area of 115,400 m2. This is the oldest park in Xishuangbanna, used to be royal garden of Dai. Many trees and ornamental plants growing in it providing people with a good rest place. The Budhist temple Wabajie Temple, with the highest status in Xishuangbanna, is located here. Some historically meaningful attractions can also been seen in the park. As soon as visitors enter the park, a bronze statue comes into view. It depicts Premier Zhou Enlai, who once joyfully spent the Water-Splashing Festival with the Dai people. The statue commemorates that unforgettable day. To the left of the statue is the second historical attraction: two dodhi trees planted by the princess of Thailand symbolize the friendship between Thailand and China.

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