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Brief introduction of King of Tea Tree

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Transport information:
NanNuoShan is in west of Xishuangbanna. It is necessary to take a private bus go there. Its sea level is above 1500 meters.

It is testified by some experts that Xishuangbanna is the original place where tea was first planted. King of Tea Tree has a height of 14.7 metres and a diametre of 0.9 metre. The original tree was 32.12 metres in height and it was broken by wind in 1967. It is testified by some experts the tea tree belongs to wild tea trees and is the source tree with which people plant man-cultivated tea trees. This is the biggest wild tea tree in the world and has a history of 1,700 years. The leaf of this tea tree contains 46.05 percent simple theine which is much higher than that of man-cultivated tea tree. This kind of tea can cure many diseases , such as high blood pressure, and it can prevent cancer. the oldest one, now, is still live in BaDa town.The nearest one is in NanNuoShan, its age is about 800 years. show big picture
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Almost all tea plantation grow on high mountians, because the misty weather make good quality tea. Most Pu'er tea was produced by Aini people , Bulang people and Jinuo people. Local people know how to make the green tea at home by hands.

acient puer tea tree
over 800 years old Puer tea tree
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over 1700 years old wild tea tree
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