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Brief introduction of Manfeilong Bamboo Shoots Pagoda

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Transport information:
Manfeilong village is in DaMengLong. It is takes 2 hours by public bus to get there. Entrance fee is 30 yuan.

Manfeilong Bamboo Shoots Pagoda is on the top of the muntain of Manfeilong Village, 60 kilometres southwest of Jinghong. People call it "Bamboo Shoots Pagoda", because it looks like a cluster of spring bamboo shoots breaking through the earth after a rainfall. Some people also call it "White Pagoda", because it is painted white.

The Pagoda was built in 1203 with a history of nearly 800 years and composed of a taller central spire and eight small surrounding stupas. The spire is 16.29 metres high and the stupas are 8.3 metres high. The diameter of great concentric circular base is 8.6 metres high. At the bottom of each stupa, there is a shrine in which there are statues and figures of Buddha. The life-like statues appear in various posural expression on the face. On the top of each stupa hangs a copper sign , and an elegant copper "sky flute" is decorated on the top of the spire. When the wind is blowing, the flute plays a pleasant tune and the Buddhist signs sing "jingle,jingle" beautifully.

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