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How to get to Jinghong(center of Xishuangbanna)----Traffic Information
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Traffic News

Railway from China to Thailand is going to complited in 3 years. It starts from Kunming, go through xishuangbanna, Laos and Thailand to Bangkok. (published on 2015-11-17)

Since March, 2014, the old road from Jinghong to Ganlanba was closed for building a new high way. It is takes 2 hours to Ganlanba by public bus.

Since January, 2014, there is a long distance bus go to Hekou(the port to Vietnam) from Jinghong, the bus also pass Yuanyang.

Since Dec.,13th, 2010, the bus stations and long-distance bus staions(chinese name:南窑汽车站) which beside the Main Train Station(Kunming Train Station) have been moved to a new Bus Station called Southern Bus Station
(chinese name:南部汽车客运站) where you can take bus come to Jinghong of Xishuangbanna ,Jianshui, Yuanyang and other main city in Honghe region.There are some city buses go frequently from the bus station to Main Train Station.It costs 5 yuan RMB. (published on 2011-08-27)

There is a train tickets office available in Jinghong, since 2012. But , there is no a train from Jinghong to any city.

A. By Bus
First ,you should get to Kunming and then take express bus from Kunming to Jinghong.It takes about 9 hours, because a high way is open, start from April. 2006. Well, maybe you want to take public bus from Laos to Mohan,from Mohan to Mengla, from Mengla to Jinghong.It takes more time. From Dali , Lijiang and Yuanyang, also there is sleeping bus come to Jinghong.

From lvchun to Jinghong takes about 10 hours by day bus.
From Dali to Jinghong takes 14 hours by night bus.
From Lijiang to Jinghong takes 17 hours by night bus.
From Yuanyang to Jianshui takes 3 hours, Jianshui to Jinghong takes 12 hours by night bus.
From Yuanyang to Jiangcheng takes 10 hours, Jiangcheng to Jinghong takes 10 hours.
From LOUANG NAMTHA(in LAOS) to Jinghong directly takes 6-7 hours.

updated 2011

B. By Train
You can not directly reach Jinghong by train, but you can reach Kunming by train from almost any city in China.Since 2012, there is a Jinghong train tickets office sell tickets from Kunming to other main city in China.When you go to buy your train ticket , you should take your passport with you.

Jinghong train tickets office location map

If you want to buy train ticket on Internet, try to book your tickets by China Railway Customer Service Center , but they only accept payment from chinese internet banking. After you booked your tickets successfully, you will get a booking number, you need use this number to exchange real train ticket at train ticket office.

C. By Plane
Only in Big city of China such as Beijing , Shanghai , Chengdu, Dali and Lijiang, there is direct flight to Jinghong.Normally, first you need get to Kunming and then take a plane from Kunming to Jinghong.
There is a international flight from Bangkok(in Thailand) pass Jinghong to Kunming, started from Jen.15th of 2010, every Wednesday and Friday.
If you like, we can offer pick up service from Jinghong airport to your hotel.
D. By Boat
You can take speed boat from Jinghong or nearest port to Thailand and also can take boat from Thailand or Laos to Jinghong. It takes 9 hours to Chiang Saen port in Thailand.
Speed boat to Laos and Thailand