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Yunnan (South of the Clouds) is the most varied of all China's provinces, its terrain ranging from tropical rain forests to the icy Tibetan highlands, although generally its climate is mild. It has an enormous range of flora and fauna, most of which are protected by governmental and local ecological organizations. Yunnan is also home to half of China's colourful ethnic minorities. Bordered by Myanmar on the west and Laos and Vietnam in the south, the region stretches up to the Tibetan tableland in the north. Due to its historically remote frontier position and rich ethnic mixture, Yunnan has its own attractive and relaxed identity, attracting visitors from home and abroad.

Yunnan possesses lofty mountains , deep valleys and torrential rivers , and is inhabited by more than 20 nationalities with different customs, which form the principal fetures of its sceneries and tourist industry.The national major famous scenic areas include Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Liman Stone forest, Dali, Xishuangbanna Yulong Snowberg in Lijiang,Tengchong Volcanoes, Jiuxiang, Jianshui, Lijiang R.-Daying R., and the scenic area of the Three Rivers Running Side by Side, etc. The ancient City of Lijiang has been listed in the World Heritages.

The province boasts abundant famous local product.Yunnan cigarette,Yunnan medicine, and Yunnan tea such as Dianlu, Puler, Dianhong, and Yunnan Ham, etc, are all famous specialities.